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200 Carnegie Drive Unit #106

St. Albert, Alberta

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Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

Printed Photo Scanning Treasured Photo Collections Edmonton
Treasured Photo Collections captures family memories

We Transform Photo Albums into Virtual Time Capsules!

Curating Photos, Organizing Photos,
Scanning Photos, Enhancing Photos,
adding the story to the photos.
Leaving you with Family Memories
and a Legacy for the Future

Feeling swamped by the thought of transforming your treasured family snapshots, hidden away in albums, drawers, and aged boxes, into a digital legacy for future generations? You're not alone in this journey. The process of scanning and organizing photos, preserving those invaluable memories from past and present, can seem daunting.                 

From Dusty Albums to Family Digital Archives

Welcome to  Treasured Photo Collections where your cherished family memories are our top priority. In a world overflowing with digital moments, we bring a personal touch to preserving your family's history.


From the delicate task of scanning vintage photos, or doing photo restoration on your heritage photos, to meticulously organizing your treasured collections of photos, family letters, and memorabilia, we transform your precious moments into a digital legacy that will stand the test of time.


Fueled by our passion for family narratives and communal bonds, we recognize the profound importance of each personal connection and community tie. We look for pictures  that tell a  story, and every story secures its rightful spot, ensuring that the essence of every memory is preserved and cherished. 


Let us help you safeguard your past, share your present, and secure your family's memories for future generations, all with the care and dedication they deserve.

Ask Us About Voiced Memories


Edmonton Photo Organizer 

Serving all of Alberta

Specializing in Multi-Generational Photo Collections
 Photo Organizing, Photo Scanning and Story Telling
Feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of memories and inherited photos you've gathered over the years? You're not alone. Starting the journey to organize these treasures can seem daunting, but it's a deeply rewarding process that not only declutters your space but also reconnects you with your family's past and secures its legacy for the future. 

Building a strong foundation is essential. Just like when you are baking, or constructing a house, you need to gather your tools and supplies before you can start. 

Robert Bell General Store.jpg
Karen Murdock owner Treasured Photo Collections


Hi, I'm Karen, Founder and Partner in
Treasured Photo Collections and 
Your Organized Friends

At Treasured Photo Collections, we're driven by a simple truth: every family's tapestry is woven with unique and vibrant stories, with photos capturing each colorful thread.

We cherish the idea that our cherished snapshots will, one day, become the heritage photos for our children, grandchildren and further descendants.

Through organizing and caring for these visual stories, we're not just preserving images; we're safeguarding memories to be cherished and passed on, like timeless heirlooms.

Allow us to join you in safeguarding your family's legacy, ensuring that your photos narrate your family's rich saga for generations to come!

Certified Photo Organizer & Photo Manager - Karen Murdock Treasured Photo Collections

Certified Photo Organizer and

Professional Photo Collection Manager

Karen Murdock currently is a Member of

The Photo Managers Advisory Board.

Founder and Partner

Your Organized Friends

Coffee is always on at Treasured Photo Collection​!


Ready to create your Treasured  Photo Collection?

Contact us today and let's get started!


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Treasured Photo Collections

106 - 200 Carnegie Drive

St. Albert, AB T8N 5A7


Edmonton and area

Traveling to:

 Calgary, Red Deer  

Medicine Hat  

Virtual Services available


Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 3 pm

Alberta Photo Collection Management

Get your pictures out of those Dusty Albums and

back into your life by creating a Family Digital Archive that is shareable and safe for

generations to come.


SuPearlative Award Winner Karen Murdock  owner of Treasured Photo Collections

The SuPearlative Awards recognize special women for their gifts

of integrity, kindness, determination, 

success and tenacity.


The Owner of Treasured Photo Collections, Karen Murdock,

was honoured  to win Entrepreneur of the Year

 at a Gala held on November 13, 2021.


Special thank you to Joanna Starko, JoStar Interiors, 

 the Sponsor for my category,

 Wolfe Cadillac Edmonton SuPearlative Trophy Sponsor,

 Hillberg & Berk Pearl Sponsor, Gem Gallerie Nominee Gift Pendant Sponsor

 and Dr. Haidong Liang, Executive Director for the

Westend Senior Activity Centre for the beautiful Flowers.

2020 - 2021 SuPearlative Awards

Entrepreneur of the Year

ALWAYS a pleasure to work with Karen. My photos and treasures that are cherished

by myself—are professional treated like "gold" by Karen and her staff too

 This professionalism and heartfelt caring means the world to me.​ Thank you for everything.



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